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Barker Black golf shoes = killin’ it! These just might be the coolest golf shoes that I have ever seen, and while I don’t even play golf (not because I don’t like it, but because I suck at it), you can bet your life that if I did, and was rich, I would be wearing these bad boys on the course. Seeing these makes me realize how much I appreciate one aspect of golf. That is, you can have the most conservative guy ever, in terms of dress attire and beliefs, wearing the craziest, most outrageous outfits on the golf course. Where else do you see old, conservative men wearing pants with 25 colors in them? Nowhere!………That’s great!

I envy the guy, cool enough to be wearing Barker Black golf shoes, hitting hole’s in one, drinking Gin & Tonic’s and driving the little cart drunk at 3pm. You have to love those rich man sports! I mean, what other sport can you wear dress shoes while playing? None that I can think of. And being able to see a company that makes great looking dress shoes, actually make a pair for a sport to trudge around in wet grass, is pretty cool and makes me wish that I was rich enough to retire and take up golf!

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  1. I wanted you to know that I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. You are a great writer. Thank you for bringing these golf shoes to my attention. Wow! They are beautiful and just what my husband would wear. He still wears the classic golf shoe like Barker Black Golf Shoe, even though I bought him a new pair of golf shoes for Christmas last year. They are the new golf shoes that wear like tennis shoes and are supposed to be very comfortable. They are still sitting in the box, not worn and in the closet.

    I bet if I could afford the Barker’s he would wear them in a hot minute. He always looks so sharp on the course and wears the classic colors. We are both 57 and we just feel more comfortable in the classics. I am sure that those new golf shoes in the closet will stay there forever. Oh well.

    Thank you again for showing off those golf shoes and making this 57 year old average lady golfer laugh. Keep writing. You are amazingly funny.

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