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Hands down, these are among the coolest boots/shoes that I have ever seen. Every single detail is bang-on, the styles are amazing and the mixtures of fabric with leather are extremely well-executed. The more that I see shoes that are either designed, or made by Japanese people, the more I feel that the Japanese are surely becoming the masters of shoes. I had never heard of this brand, Perfetto, but upon stumbling across them, I fell in love instantly. And what shoe love wouldn’t? After researching a little, it seems that they were an up-and-comer at the last Pitti Uomo, which means that with cool shoes like this, we can expect to hopefully see much more of them as they get purchased by stores around the world. Granted many stores buy rubbish shoes, so maybe we won’t, but nonetheless I believe that they will be successful. And believe it or not, this model above, is definitely an example of something that I would still buy, even when I have my own line…..

On that note, let me tell you that I will be getting 8 of my 13 samples on Monday, so be on the look out for a picture or two, for sneak-previews sake!

Majority of Pictures Courtesy Of: The Suitorial

4 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Perfetto”

  1. It is the 1st time I have seen a young guy who has a good taste in shoes, in general the younger generation is wearing shoes which are cheap and of low quality. I salute you as a fellow connoisseur I have one John Lobb, 2 Church’s one Gaziono, one JM Weston, one Alfred Sargent and one Crocket John, now looking to get a John Lobb CHAPEL model.

  2. Anon2 – I thank you for your kind words, and mostly agree with you about the younger generation. Many of them were not taught to appreciate (nor care about) how one dresses himself, not only for himself but also as a sign of respect to others. I have hoped that my blog could help to change this, but I would need to get a lot bigger first…Sounds like you have a nice collection!


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