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Well, this is quite embarrassing but I guess is sometimes just the nature of business, making mistakes and learning from them.

As we have stopped selling The Shoe Snob accessories and thus wanted to rebrand our shoe trees to our J.F brand, we attempted a new colorway and lighter weight shoe tree, the white version as you can see here.

I thought they looked great. But there were some issues. They were hard to photograph. The light really reflects. And about half of the stock, lost their ‘whiteness’ and look more like off-white/beige with the natural wood finish coming through. Both not ideal for a long term production product. The finishing simply was not up to par and now left with a bunch of trees not worth full price.

In light of this, I quickly made two more samples, as you can see above. I put these 3 colors to a vote and it would appear that the red ones are still the favorite and the black ones not far behind. So I have decided to get rid of these white, as I ordered those other two colors, and am doing so by offering them at $20 discount/pair.

A disclaimer: these are discounted for their inferior finishing and for the fact that I ordered new ones and need to get rid of these for space availability. The finishing is not up to scratch but the quality of the shoe tree is still intact. They are a well built, lightweight alderwood tree that will fit your shoes just as phenomenally as our previous red ones, but at nearly half of the weight.†

They give you about 1/2 lb – 1 lb of weight difference to our original Alderwood trees, thus making them more practical for travel and transport.

They are now priced at†$40 per pair†which is still a heck of a deal for a great quality (albeit poorly finished) product!

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