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Shoe Of The DayWhile this isn’t the most exciting shoe in the world, what I really love about it are the details: the brogueing at the top of the vamp and around the heel; the fact that the shoe is constructed with only one or two pieces of leather (it’s hard to tell by the picture) and has a smooth vamp; the burnished toe; and the fact that the brogueing on the wing tip and around the vamp is a darker color than the rest of the shoe. The shoe is made by St. Crispins, a Austrian brand who does very beautiful work, which you will definitely see more of in future posts.

4 thoughts on “Shoe Of The Day”

  1. For some reason, I think it would be great if it had a crepe sole, both in terms of comfort and design. Is there a particular reason why crepe isn't being used more in shoemaking? As I believe this ultra comfortable material would be perfect for loafers etc.

  2. Yea it's hard for me to picture that, but I definitely think it would be interesting. It is true that you don't see crepe soles paired with dressier styled shoes these days but then again a lot of these makers that I show are very traditional and still rarely even use rubber soles. You have given me an idea that I will use when I start my line: Crepe sols on dress styled loafers, thanks Benjy!

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