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Shoe Of The DayI don’t know who these are by but I think that they are a great pair of spectators. You don’t don’t see them too often in the burgundy/white pairing but I think that out of classic colors: black, brown and burgundy, all paired with white, this combo is the best of the bunch. Of course, I am still waiting to see someone pull out some crazy color combination like gray/blue or black/yellow. But I am starting to think that it might just have to be me who creates something so daring and bold if I ever really want to see it done. I could always try to pitch the idea to Paul Smith. If anyone would be keen on the idea, it would be him!

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  1. Julian – They are indeed, quite a beautiful pair, as the they are made slightly different than most spectators, having the entire counter the same color as the wing cap, as opposed to the facing (where the laces are). -Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

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