Shoe Art by Jon Leigh

Shoe Art by Jon Leigh


Art can be a beautiful thing. I mean, I not a huge fan of a lot of the stuff you see in modern museums and what not, but I love a good drawing/painting. Once again, thanks to Instagram, it is now easier to find good artists that without social media would have been hard to discover. Yet another reason that makes me love this app.

When I discovered Jon Leigh (of London), I really liked his style of drawing/depicting his art (mainly people and shoes) and had him mock up a few things for me, one being a nice, vain picture of myself and the rest being of various photos of shoes from my brand, J.FitzPatrick Footwear. I thought of doing so as a project for marketing that was going to be different than what else you see in the industry. Of course, like most things when running a business, the project is going slow, but sure enough will happen over the next 6 months. Using the typical photos for marketing is one thing, using art to do so in another! So let’s see how it goes.

As sharing is caring, I thought that I would help Jon Leigh get a boost up in the world by spreading his name on The Shoe Snob Blog. He is a nice guy who does great work at a fair price so if you are looking for good art pertaining to shoes or portraits, than Jon Leigh is your guy!

Enjoy the art!

Shoe Art by Jon Leigh Shoe Art by Jon Leigh Shoe Art by Jon Leigh Shoe Art by Jon Leigh Shoe Art by Jon Leigh

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