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Septieme Larguer's New Tan Grain Winter Stock!


I have always been torn when it comes to Longwings. I mean, I love brogues and I love a wingtip. But the idea of how heavy they look on one’s foot, particularly me being a small, skinny chap, has put me off for a long long time. But I just can’t deny the fact that I love the swooping of the cap all the way back to the heel. That feature alone has kept me intrigued to the idea of them. But this Longwing by Septieme Larguer (while I would prefer a it only a fraction narrower on the last) is quite lovely. The pattern is spot on and the more that I see a scotch/pebble grain used, the more that I like it, particularly on a double monk (as shown below). It is interesting to see how trends go and while the double monk trend has been in full effect for a while now, I think that a new one will be the added incorporation of pebble grain leather used for semi business attire shoes, as is clearly the case here…. Now if only we could find more colors in the darn leather (pebble grain)!!

Septieme Larguer's New Tan Grain Winter Stock! Septieme Larguer's New Tan Grain Winter Stock! Septieme Larguer's New Tan Grain Winter Stock! Septieme Larguer's New Tan Grain Winter Stock!

14 thoughts on “Septieme Larguer’s New Tan Grain Winter Stock!”

  1. I’ve always wanted a pair of longwings, I’m not sure why, but I really like them! And I can definitely understand your point about pebble grain in other colours! Sure, tan is great, but I’d like a pair of black grain longwings! In fact, I’ve contacted Meermin about that, but they don’t have black.

    1. HI John,
      Trickers do black grain longwings but only as MTO shoes not RTW.I too would like to see grainy leather in different colours-Navy and Burgundy especially-but I’m not holding my breath!

  2. Really nice shoes. I hope I pass by a Septieme Largeur shop in the near future so that I can get to know my size for their shoes.

  3. Hi. I am new to this world of better shoes and there isn’t much to choose from where I live, but seeing all those pictures on the internet does fuel the hunger) …which hardly can be allowed by the budget.
    But that’s not the point. I’ve done some researching and a thought came to mind: don’t you ever have a decent winter there?) I mean with snow and temperatures well below the freezing point? Because I’ve come by only a couple of boots with some fur lining. Rubber soles aren’t that scarce, but still, won’t it be cold to wear a leather-lined boot? The reason I ask this is because winter is coming and I wanted to get a good pair of boots. I love the look of Balmoral the most, but haven’t seen much options.

    1. dear Roman, fortunately we don’t…as I don’t have a car in cramped London, I am not sure that I could bare all of that snow with salt everywhere, especially as it would destroy the ‘ol shoes!! But fortunately for you, Edward Green, I believe has come out with a fur-lined boot, and I think that Septieme Largeur has too…it seems to be the newest trend this season…so you just might be in luck with a bit of researching

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