Reverse Skin Stitch by Magnanni

Reverse Skin Stitch by Magnanni
Magnanni has some new shoes out that appear to be the best that I have yet to see coming from them. I mean, I still wished that they did GY welted shoes but hey, to each his own. While I have never been a personal fan of their fit and feel, I have always respected Magnanni as a brand. They are probably the most famous shoe company out of Spain (not something easy to do), make an Italian looking shoe better than 90% of the Italian brands out there and still manage to come up with new, good looking shoes after having already done nearly everything under the sun.

This new range of reverse skin stitched oxfords is among the best that I have seen and it’s a shame they only do it in two models, and thus only two colors. But imagine the featured shoe in a navy color or burgundy. Those would be stunners set to sell a boatload! But I guess as with many new products, it’s always best to test the waters with your classic colors of black and brown. And depending on how well those do, decide where to go from there. But even saying that, I just realized that the below shoe is actually dark grey, which for me is a strange color to test the waters with. But hey, Magnanni has been doing it a lot longer than I have even been alive so I trust their judgment on it!

Found only at for $495 and $595 respectively

Enjoy these!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

Reverse Skin Stitch by Magnanni Reverse Skin Stitch by Magnanni Reverse Skin Stitch by Magnanni

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