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Finished Result on J.FItzPatrick Shoes

The one, and only, thing that I like about Instagram is the ability to discover new things that you otherwise never would have. One of those things, for me, was Shoespa Amsterdam who recently recrafted a pair of my brands’ shoes and did an incredible job. Our customer posted this on IG and through tagging I was able to discover this small workshop that doesn’t appear to have a website (not to be confused with ShoeSpa in London) but is showing their greatness on Instagram!

How the J.FitzPatrick shoes looked coming in
Finished result side profile
His closed channel skills are top-notch!

Their work blew me away, which lead me to write this post as I believe that their skills deserve not only attention but I would dare to say that his finishing is better than many of the factories of whose shoes he is actually repairing. In fact, the black sole Bestetti pair is reminiscent of the Main D’or sole that has gone viral across IG and my blog, rivaling that of Japanese bespoke shoemaker’s skills in fiddle-back waists and sole finishing. That is no easy feat and for me deserves praise and recognition. And I haven’t even seen this in person but from his pictures and short videos, it is easy to see that this gentleman is doing a phenomenal job.

Santoni work
Santoni work
Finished Bestetti – Immaculate!!!
How the Bestetti’s came in

In recent years, we have really seen an uptick in the abilities shown by Shoe Cobblers across the world, which for me, is an amazing thing because there is nothing worse than getting a nice pair of shoes and having them resolved by a worthless cobbler. You might as well throw them away. And also hard to swallow is sending them back to the factory which can almost run you the cost of another pair of shoes. And to top it off, a bespoke pair that requires handwork. The original shoemaker will charge about 1/3 of the price of the original shoe, but a skilled cobbler won’t. In fact, I would be curious to know what that Bestetti job cost as the work is phenomenal.

So, shoe lovers in Europe or close to it, please find Shoespa Amsterdam on IG and send your shoes to him, even from far away, as rest assured you can see here and from his IG that you are going to get your money’s worth!! And he even appears to have original Santoni soles too, which is interesting….and of course, he can offer toe taps which is everyone’s current favorite!

Shoespa Amsterdam


Alexis Godillot shoes
Alexis Godillot shoes – he has a thing for dark red sole finishes
Santoni finished with original sole and color and stamp
Santoni’s how they came

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    If you were going to produce a line of luxury menís shoes that retailed at £1,200 with the country of choice producers either Italian or English, where would you produce and why?

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