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New J.FitzPatrick Models/Website Coming

New J.FitzPatrick Models/Website Coming

Dear Readers,

Long posts have been far and few between these days and it’s not because I am becoming less dedicated to the blog, but more so that I am just so busy and am having a hard time finding a spare few hours to actually get them out, not to mention think of a subject that I have yet to write about. I NEED AN INTERN!!! That being, yesterday, a day that I usually get out a nice long post for all of you, I actually spent on a 6 hour project shooting photography for my upcoming J.FitzPatrick Footwear website of which you can see a few sneak peaks here in this post. On top of that, while having the photographer at my disposal, I thought that I would take advantage by also getting some shots of my latest sample, the Laurelhurst in Black suede with red piping and underlay below the medallion. Quite fun no?!!

New J.FitzPatrick Models/Website Coming New J.FitzPatrick Models/Website Coming New J.FitzPatrick Models/Website Coming New J.FitzPatrick Models/Website Coming

As always, I just want to say that I appreciate of all of you that stick with the blog, loyally following not only my updates as ‘The Shoe Snob’ but also for my footwear line, J.FitzPatrick. This photography is in preparation for the launch of my own proper website for my shoes, hopefully set to release before Nov. 2013. At first it will simply be a website for viewing the collection and getting a bit of background information, with the hopes to turn it into an e-commerce site by the beginning of 2014. I hope that you all like what you see and as always, stay tuned for more updates!

By the way, as a side note, I still have 4 tickets to the Stefano Bemer event this Thursday evening, as they decided to give me a few more. Once again it is from 6-830pm, at New & Lingwood the 26th of Sept. to showcase the new collaboration between Stefano Bemer and the sartorial house, of which there will be a few drinks and a chance to view not only the bespoke but also his RTW collection. Hope to see some of you there! (simply email me at to let me know if you want a ticket!)


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Professional photos (those above this) taken by Khalil Musa

New J.FitzPatrick Models/Website Coming New J.FitzPatrick Models/Website Coming New J.FitzPatrick Models/Website Coming

6 thoughts on “New J.FitzPatrick Models/Website Coming”

  1. Dear Justin

    Nice to ear about the new web site and I looking forward to see it, please excuse me i don’t want to be rude but I have a comment about the pictures, these you show here probably are fine for the first

    “simply web site”, but if in the future you would like to open a e-shop I suggest to change style,
    I think that the job Harry Watts do for your first collection and for Carmina is better for a web shop.
    Or even better I will suggest to find out who took the pictures for Meermin. These according to me are the best a ever see even better than the ones from John Lobb web site, where to my taste there is a bit too much photoshop.


    1. dear vittorio, i appreciate your concern. I am not taking these as the only pictures for my website. It will be a mixture of both, plain ones on white background (those that Harry Watts took) plus artistic pictures as shown here. I don’t believe personally believe that a shoe’s beauty is maximized by a plain shot on a white background. It is my opinion that shoes look best on a foot, underneath a pair of trousers, so that is why I want to use both. But I will never copy what other people are doing. I am my own company and will do things the way that I feel are right, for my customers and to my tastes. Not everyone will like it, but that is life and it will always be that way my friend.

  2. Hey Justin (completley off topic but I would like to know your opinion) what do you think of the shoes offered by Charles Tyrwhitt? are they good quality for the price (199 gbp) I wear Meermin but would like to try english shoes.

    I’m a student so there’s no point on dropping more than 250-300 gbp for a pair

    Cheers and congratulations on your new site, I’m looking forward to it

    1. jose, they are not bad but I am not that crazy about them. I did once see a really nice double monk that was made by Barker, under the Tyrwhitt label….but yea, I would just go to Barker if you want English shoes at that pricepoint… Best of luck and thanks for reading!

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