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J.FitzPatrick Wallingford Shaded Navy calf semi brogue

Dear Readers,

Okay, so finally my A/W2013 stock has come in and is now available for purchase either through my company or by coming into Gieves & Hawkes (soon to be Timothy Everest in Feb/March 2014) in London. As an update to the way in which I can take payment, I no longer require people to have to have a Paypal account in order to conduct a transaction. I can now take card payments. Hopefully that is good news to some.

You can also see that I have a few new colorways in existing models that are labelled as exclusive. These were the shoes that I produced for my trunk show in Paris and am now offering them to you. Unfortunately I was not able to make very large sizes again as money was not permitting, but I promise that for the next The Shoe Snob Exclusive, I will go up to size UK12/US13

J.FitzPatrick exclusives on The Shoe Snob

I hope that you all enjoy what you see and as always I remain at your disposal for any enquiries.


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

J.FitzPatrick Wedgwood Balmoral boot burgundy calf
JFitzpatrick Greenwood Navy Suede semi brogue
A/W2013 from here on to the bottom

J.FitzPatrick Marcos penny loafer black suede J.FitzPatrick Wedgwood Balmoral boot black calf J.FitzPatrick Wedgwood Balmoral boot black calf J.FitzPatrick Windermere semi brogue cap toe mocha brown J.FitzPatrick Windermere semi brogue cap toe black J.FitzPatrick wholecut oxford antique brown J.FitzPatrick Wallingford Forest Green calf semi brogue


14 thoughts on “New J.FitzPatrick Exclusives & A/W2013 Shoes In!”

  1. The new Wallingford colorways look amazing! I’m not sure if I’d like them better if the had cap-toes (same applies to the black boots) or not though. Then again, it’s probably because I think they’d look a bit less formal. By the way, you should use the chisel toe last more.

    The grain leather boots and brogues you posted on Instagram will be available soon or their for next year’s collection?

    1. Thanks John, I appreciate it! I will start using the chisel last more now that it is apart of the collection. The grained brogues are in the post as we speak, just waiting for them to arrive..the brogue boots will be for A/W2014.

  2. The blue suede are amazing. They are a lot like the pair of LV blue suede my wife just bought me for Christmas, except yours have a much nicer sole. The LV have a reddish orange (contrasting color) rubber sole.

  3. Those are some very nice shoes Justing, good luck with your shoe business adventure! Unfortunately with my 3E+ width I will have to pass

    I especially like the suede boot and brown oxford, very nice shade of brown! Not many companies get that color exactly right.

    Can I ask, do you source your own leather and colors?

    1. thank you very much my friend…my factory works with tanneries annonay and du puy and I just pick what I want to use

  4. thank you, although they are not my first, just exclusives for blog readers…my first collection launched in March. But I really do appreciate your support and kind words and I too hope to see your husband in some of my boots!

  5. yes the price has VAT included in it…when you check out and thus input your shipping address, the system will adjust and deduct VAT automatically, should you live outside of the EU

  6. Hi Justin! The green Wallingford looks really beautiful and the burnish effect is just awesome! Are they for sale? I saw only the navy pair on the online shop.

    1. David, they are indeed available for purchase. I only sell the “exclusives” off of the blog as the inventory is dedicated to the blog. The rest of my collection’s inventory is split between G&H on Savile Row and supplying people who want to purchase online, therefore I cannot have them up on the blog for sale, or else I will run into trouble trying to supply two avenues from one stock…please email me at should you wish to enquire further my friend.

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