New Deco Last by Gaziano & Girling (Among Other Things)

New Deco Last by Gaziano & Girling (Among Other Things)

Gaziano & Girling have been busy this year creating new things for their brand, all of which are very cool. First it was their new bespoke concept, called the Molto Monk (see article here), which was the idea of having a removable strap on a monk shoe. It was quite unique to say the least and extremely beautiful as well. I wouldn’t mind a pair in both of their sample colorways!!

New Deco Last by Gaziano & Girling (Among Other Things)

But the big news is the new last shape of the Deco model which I am sure has been awaited by many as the Deco has so long only been on one shape and not everyone is going to like a chisel last. That being, they went a bit more traditional with a very smartly round and elongated toe (as you can see in the pictures here). I personally prefer the new last over the old one as I am quite keen on a round toe when the last is elongated as the Deco is. I am quite sure that this will go down with a bang!!

New Deco Last by Gaziano & Girling (Among Other Things)

For those of you in NYC (or nearby), well it is your lucky upcoming week as this shoe will actually be launched and presented for the first time to the public while Tony Gaziano is there for several trunks shows at several different places, in collaboration with Chittleborough & Morgan, Leffot and Alexander Nash. Details as shown below.

New Deco Last by Gaziano & Girling (Among Other Things)

And to top it off, they have created a new RTW wholecut model called the Ashton which is also quite stunner (pictured directly above). Kind of a cross between a few of their models, the Ashton is a great option for those that like the idea of a wholecut but don’t want something as plain jane as your typical wholecut oxford is. A bit of detailed brogueing to spice it up, it is surely a nice addition to the already lovely collection.

Happy placing orders NYC’ers!!

Trunk Show Details:

NEW YORK CITY TRUNK SHOW – MAY 2015 You’re cordially invited to meet with Tony Gaziano in New York City. Gaziano & Girling are proud to announce that they will be partnering with Chittleborough & Morgan, Alexander Nash and Leffot to showcase their latest collections…

  • Monday 18th May 2015 — 11.00am 7.00pm — Leffot 10 Christopher St New York NY 10014 –Phone: +1 212-989-4577
  • Tuesday 19th May 2015 — 11.00am 7.00pm — Alexander Nash 112 W 27th St #500 New York NY 10001 — Phone: +1 212-924-2980
  • Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st May 2015 — 10.00am – 6.00pm — Gaziano & Girling x Chittleborough & Morgan — Loews Regency Hotel 540 Park Avenue & 61st Street New York NY 10065 — Phone: +1 212-759-4100 –For an appointment please contact or
  • For an appointment at Leffot please contact Leffot: — Or contact Alexander Nash:

New Deco Last by Gaziano & Girling (Among Other Things)

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