I have discovered a new Japanese Bespoke Shoemaker named Ken Hishinuma and who goes by the name Khish the Work, which I find pretty cool as an alias. His shoes are right up my alley, not only in terms of quality but mainly in style. He likes what I like: balmoral oxfords, two/three tones, u-caps, burgundy shoes, and unique designs like his black austerity brogue with that super cool double stitching. It is impressive work, even more so when you look at him and guess that he doesn’t look a day over 25! Not to mention his flawless making. I love his fudge wheeling. Perfection. And the fact that he made these wild boar u-cap derby brogues and put the sock liner also in the wild boar. That was unique and pretty cool.

What might impress most of you is his low prices for bespoke, currently only charging around $2600 (363K Japanese Yen), which is quite low for this caliber of making and when compared to some of his competitors.

I look forward to seeing him grow as a maker and his new models made. If they are anything like the current ones, I am sure we will be in for some treats!

His IG: Khish The Work

His website: https://khish-the-work.com/



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