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It is always interesting to see how a shoemaker will branch out from where they came and how their making will be different to that of the parent company (the one that taught them). The best example is Japanese shoemakers that come to Europe, learn in England or Italy and then go back to Japan and take what they learned, building upon it to make it even better. This is precisely what Nicholas Templeman†seems to be doing.

Nicholas started his shoemaking roots at John Lobb St. James where he was a lastmaker and fitter. Clearly wanting to see where his own passion and interests could take him Nicholas soon branched out to start his own company†after he felt that he had learned all that he could from Lobb. Having a very different aesthetic to Lobb’s classically robust look, I would say Nicholas’ future looks quite promising and I am exciting to not only seeing his full range of samples complete, but also those two stunners that are in the works, all done up with a sole and all.

It is always nice to see young people go at it with tenacity and courage and I wish Nicholas all the best with his endeavors!! Now if you are in the market for bespoke at what I am sure are non-West End prices, give him a look up!

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