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Socks are the one thing many classically dressed men will allow themselves to be a bit playful with. When the uniform is a standard dark blue, dark grey, or black, and one wants to express themselves without going full flash mode, they tend to opt for a colorful sock and/or tie (although few wear those these days, sadly). This is particularly true in the UK, where dress codes are still quite strict and therefore an abundance of rebellious red and purple socks are being worn as the allowed splash of color in the conservative outfit. Therefore, having nice socks is often something a man (or lady) appreciates. Especially in the day of Instagram, and showing that trouser/sock/shoe combo 😉

In springtime, we all transition from the heavier, muted color socks to a more thin cotton, bright color-rich sock that pairs well with the lighter tones (beige chinos, linen etc) so frequently seen and worn on those warmer days. And if we are really feeling courageous and want to express our individuality, we go next-level and grab a bold pattern while we are at it. Personally, in Winter, as we are wearing more boots, I tend to stick to single-colored socks and no pattern. Whereas in Spring/Summer, as the loafers come out, I start gravitating towards the stripes, houndstooth, and more interesting patterns that can be seen and appreciated.

As the sun is slowly making its presence felt this Spring, many of you are probably getting ready for that transition. And because of that, I managed to acquire a little help in the form of a small discount, exclusive to The Shoe Snob Blog readers for collection at Mes Chuassettes Rouges. As they never go on sale, this small bump up might help you save a few bucks this Spring/Summer as you stock up on new sock styles.


Discount code: theshoesnob2021
Discount value: 10%
Discount period: Through May 31st

Get some inspiration from the photos shown!

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  • Nkapped
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  • MesChaussettesRouges

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