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My Shoes #5 - Sebago

Like I stated in my post, 4 Shoe Essentials For Autumn, everyone needs a solid boot for the fall/winter seasons. Considering that this whole Red Wing phenomenon is taking place and almost everything that is coming out was somehow inspired by it, I decided to go with the sleekest option. What’s great about the Fairhaven boot (pictured above) by Sebago is the fact that it has that workman’s boot appeal but it’s sole is not so clunky looking like most of the Red Wing styles. Considering that I am a skinny guy and tend to wear slim-fitting clothes, the Fairhaven poses as a much more intelligent option for pairing with my wardrobe. If you have yet to find yourself a good boot for this season and also like the idea of the sleeker look, check out my Sebago post because right now, they are killing it!

My Shoes #5 - Sebago

My Shoes #5 - Sebago

3 thoughts on “My Shoes #5 – Sebago”

  1. it’s called the lighthouse boot. It was a collaboration between Sebago and Ronnie Fieg. I am pretty sure that you might have to find it at a shoe boutique. I think one of the guys at Street Etiquette (blog) owns a pair, you might ask him where he found it. I tried searching online for you but did not come up with much.

  2. Thanks alot dude! I try 2 ask the etiquette guys! Had no luck @ only search too. We well see 🙂


    a fan of your blog 🙂

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