My New Boots – Tweed Balmorals

My New Boots - Tweed Balmorals

It has been a while since I have done a nice balmoral boot for my J.FitzPatrick brand, as we were heavily focused on button boots over the last few years. But this year we went back to our roots and added a few new balmoral boots to the Winter line up

The first model was our Black calf on Black suede David boots shown below. A very elegant classical oxford boot that can easily be worn with a suit. The older I get the more I love wearing black footwear as it really is so easy to wear with nearly everything.

My New Boots - Tweed Balmorals

But out latest model is the new Seaview in the Dark Copper Museum / Gold Tweed on a double city rubber sole. A little more rugged than the elegant David boot but not so rugged that it cannot be worn smartly either, also shown here 😉

I love the button boots and seeing men wearing them but feel good about re-launching our balmoral boot offering. And to top it off, we went away from our usuall offering of our boots on the NGT and TMG round lasts and did one on the MGF and the other on the LPB, chisel lasts.

I hope that you guys like them!

The Seaview will be launched in a couple of days. Email me if you want to preorder

Use code AW10 to get 10% off the David, Snoqualmie in Tan Grain and this Seaview boot when it launches.

My New Boots - Tweed Balmorals
My New Boots - Tweed BalmoralsMy New Boots - Tweed Balmorals

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