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I believe these are Roberto Ugolini but not 100% sure…

As much as I understand the practicality of a monotone shoe, I just can’t help but feel attracted to two tone shoes. This one being no exception. While I usually like to be a bit bold and mix contrasting colors (in my own shoes), these days I find myself being quite attracted to the idea of mixing complementing colors that are similar in shade. While they are still a bit different and easily recognizable (to your average monotone shoe), they are far from ostentatious being that the tones are within the same spectrum of color. This pair here having multiples shades of tan/brown give the feel of a co-respondent/spectator type of shoe but could easily be mistaken for something monotone from far away. And while I don’t fancy as much two calf skins of different colors (in comparison to a mixture of calf and suede), I do feel that it should be attempted more and thus like seeing it here…..

On another note, for the tie lovers out there, my good friend Gianni Cerutti of Passaggio Cravatte is hosting a trunk show in conjunction with Pirozzi Tailors of Napoli in Geneva the 12th of April, 2014. The trunk show will be hosted at the Les Armures Hotel of Geneva and will start off in the main restaurant at 12pm. They are positioning it as a mandatory luncheon starting from 12pm of which the actual trunk show will commence with ordering after lunch. The menu is fixed at €40 and to make a RSVP, please As a sort of disclaimer, I simply want to mention that when I do things like this (make announcements that have nothing to do with shoes), it is not because I am being paid and trying to spam you, but because I like to help my fellow colleagues out there who are young like me, trying to make a name for themselves in a tough and competitive market, and of course I will only promote those that make beautifully crafted products. If you have yet to try a tie of Passaggio Cravatte and like your ties, then I suggest you at least make it over just to look at them as they are indeed very lovely…that is if you are in the Geneva area…

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  1. Thank You Justin to mention the Passagio Cravatte trunk show in Geneva as the organiser is a friend of mine 😉 Geo

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