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Kanpekina boots1

Japanese shoemaker Kanpekina is a tough find outside of Japan. For a while, there were some French stockists carrying them but think that this fell through over time and eventually stopped carrying them. And thus other than that, getting a pair was exclusive to purchasing a flight to Japan, which we all know is not cost-effective.

But it seems like one French gentleman purchased a pair while they were available, had the French sole treatment put on (toe taps and rubber bottoms), wore them for less than a day and now wants to get rid of them! And a heck of a deal at that!

The Price in USD: $277 plus $44 in shipping (retails for around $600-$700

The Size: UK9/ US10/ EU43

Don’t miss out as these are a very rare find and a heck of steal too!

Buy at:

Kanpekina bootsKanpekina boots2Kanpekina boots3Kanpekina boots4

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