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When a classic, simple shoe can sweep you off your feet you know it’s special. That is precisely how I feel about these bad boys by Il Quadrifoglio, who is a Japanese bespoke shoemaker out of Kobe only using an Italian name. Everything about this shoe and the picture (top one) is perfect, from the medallion to the way that light bounces off the vamp, to the shine put on it to the way in which the brogueing in the facing curves far more than in your average RTW shoe and many more things. While it might look like a very simple classic brogue, all of these small details greatly separate it from your average Edward Green or G&G or whatever. But then again, that is mainly due to the fact that it is bespoke. Either way, the elegance of this shoe is second to none and I would say that I could easily own a pair of these in every single color of leather (the normal/semi-normal ones that is…no pink!). True beauty……


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