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Herring Shoes is an impressive company. They are a very smart retailer that has managed to grow into one of the shoe industry’s largest contenders having a stockholding and offering that is simply mindblowing. They are based out of the UK, have price points from the low $100’s up to around $500-$600 and ship to most places on Earth. They have managed to build a pristine reputation for outstanding customer service and are among the group of companies in the industry that I respect and wish to see continue doing well.

The Herring team have been supporters of the blog since day one and the reality is that I did not show them as much love as I should have over the years. Since becoming a sponsor to the blog it has kicked me in the butt to make this happen, and with good reason as they are great people with great products. Read and see the photos below to understand just that.

I was recently going through their boot selection and was blown away by not only the sheer number of options they had, 128 different models to be exact, but also the amount of good ones (i.e. the ones that I would myself wear) that they had too. There were more good ones than just the ones shown here but uploading 6 different chelsea boots becomes somewhat redundant.

For those that are not aware, Herring sells shoes by different makers but also has an in-house brand that is also made by these different makers but under their design and direction. These models will be exclusive to their site and are usually the ones that I like the best as the creative team at Herring is not afraid to make two tones shoes and create unique pieces

Here are some of my favorite Autumn/Winter pieces they have at the moment. I am quite fond of the boots featured as well as the ones above the black boot (above). I can see these two getting a lot of attention and being popular. Whats even more impressive is that they cost below $325 (for people outside of the EU). At those prices I dont know how they do not sell out as soon as they go live but I tell you what, it doesnt get much better in terms of design for price.

Most of you probably know who Herring is, but for those of you that do not, well you can thank me later! 😉

And Happy Shopping!

-Justin FitzPatrick

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