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It’s the time of year many of you are expecting not only for great deals but also to celebrate love and happiness with your family. I have always loved Thanksgiving, even more so than Christmas as it was the one holiday that all of my family actually got together (and I have a big one). For many of you, there is not a celebration to be had but that’s where great shopping deals come in and will brighten your weekend ahead.

At J.FitzPatrick Footwear we are offering a flat rate discount of 20% across all core products. What that means is that everything outside of our brand new A/W models falls under that discount. We are also offering all of our The Shoe Snob products on 20% discount as well (excluding bundled deals). We have a few new offers this year as well that we wish to announce:

  1. We realized that many of you take this opportunity to try and grab a core model at 20% off which we don’t often discount to this price and as this weekend is so busy many times we become out of stock and you are thus out of luck. This year, we realized that as you wait a long time for this we should give you the opportunity to at least still order that pair of shoes if you are so inclined to wait for them. Therefore, on the site you will notice that when something is sold out, we will list ‘pre-order’ next to the size and that will be something that we will sell you at 20% off now (to take advantage of the discount), but that you will have to wait to receive, which should be end of Feb/early March 2019.


  1. Made to Order never before did we offer MTO on BF/CM but I thought about this and thought ‘why should we not also give something to those that don’t like to buy off the shelf but rather create their own ideas?’ I couldn’t think of a reason not to offer it so we are extending the 20% off to MTO’s as well. That is 20% off the final price of the entire order. But as MTO shoes cost us more, we ask for a full upfront payment for this in order to cover our costs as 50% doesn’t cut it when giving 20% off the entire order. You simply need to email between now and Tuesday to take advantage of this offer.


US Site:

UK Site:

At The Shoe Snob we are also offering all products at 20% off with the exception of our bundled deals that are already at a discount. At The Shoe Snob we have a lot of great goodies for giving gifts at Christmas from colored laces, to small wax polishes, to wool socks and many more small great stocking stuffers. It is also a good time to take advantage of our Alderwood Shoe Trees which are the closest fit to a lasted shoe tree that you will get as a generic fit.

By the time you will be reading this, these discounts will all be live. And they will run through Cyber Monday, up until 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (i.e. 8am in London Tues, 4pm in most of Asia Tues)


Happy Shopping and a Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!


Justin FitzPatrick


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