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Fugashin has recently shown a few of their latest concoctions in a very beautiful green cordovan. I have said it before and will probably say it a million times more, but the one thing I really like about Cordovan is how vivid it makes the more unusual colors, such as green, blue, and burgundy. And these pairs are no exception! I really love this shade of green. In fact, it is the one that I try and replicate myself in crust leather, but it is so hard to do so using normal dyes, at least, for a factory. Here, you have that depth straight out of the box with this vividly rich dark emerald-like green. It is such a beautiful color, to say the least.

Apart from the rich color, I am also impressed by the unique pattern on the oxford. A very bold and aggressive design, this is not for the faint of heart with those widow peak detailings not only on the cap, but also on the bottom of the facing. And then they rounded it all off with a sea blue Norwegian stitch. I dare say that this is not the customer’s first pair of shoes! And if the boots are belonging to the same client, then we see a real pattern here. A true green lover!

I personally would not have paired the blue stitching on the welt, but I think that it is good for showing the range of Fugashin’s capabilities. Fugashin does not make a lot of noise in the Websphere but they can certainly make an incredible shoe for an incredible price. Definitely check out what they have. Impeccable shoes from $226!

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