Graziat Taipei - Mind Blowing Apron Derby Boots

Graziat Taipei is really doing some impressive work these days. Mind-blowing stuff in my opinion. Their shoemaking and are quite different, quite intriguing and quite impeccable, at least from the pictures. I can only imagine that in person they are even better. I like that they have their own styling and details that you do not see elsewhere. These, for example, are the cornered angles on the , at the joints and tips. Not quite spade soles but not rounded like traditional makers. Also the fanned design on the sole I find really cool, and again, different to what else is out there.

Their is almost aggressive. But in a good way. The sole detailing ensures that, as well as their super-sharp chisel lasts. Not to mention that they are making a lot of boots in alligator with in bright, bold colors that you really are not seeing anywhere else, at least not like these. Their green , posted on my IG account weeks ago are still getting likes and comments despite being an old picture.

And these apron almost knocked me out of my the other day. So I had to post them. I have no clue how much they cost but can imagine a pretty penny or a thousand. That tan is gorgeous. That red one is almost too cool to be true. I would love to see the guy walking down the street with those. I would be so curious to know how they styled it!

Thanks to Graziat Taipei for keeping the industry on its toes and making things very different from the rest!

Graziat Taipei

Graziat Taipei - Mind Blowing Apron Derby Boots Graziat Taipei - Mind Blowing Apron Derby Boots Graziat Taipei - Mind Blowing Apron Derby BootsGraziat Taipei - Mind Blowing Apron Derby Boots

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