While this is not really ‘first to bring you news,’ I figured that since you can’t find the entire Deco range in colored pictures, I would put that up for all of you that might have yet to see them. And for those that might not be familiar, the Deco range is a new array of shoes produced by Gaziano & Girling that are meant to offer that happy medium between RTW and bespoke. You might wonder what that means? Well, having the intentions of giving RTW a ‘bespoke’ look, they had to tighten the waist of the shoe, and considering the only way to do that was to do it by hand, that is what they did. So for every Deco model available, the waist was lasted by hand, thus providing a RTW shoe that actually has handwork put into it, unlike the millions of liars in the shoe industry who claim to have ‘hand-made’ RTW shoes. Well, there is not much more to say other than feast your eye’s on these beauties and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Gaziano & Girling Deco Range”

  1. Justin – I meant to post last week: great job on the two pairs of shoes you shined for me.

    I highly recommend Justin’s services for anyone needing a superior shine.


  2. Peter – 1040 GBP for Non-European clients, 1250 GBP for European clients (the difference is due to VAT)

    Stephen – Thanks!! Glad that you enjoyed the shine. See you soon.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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