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Fugashin shoes
I have long known about the capabilities of goodyear welted shoe factories in SE Asia, but never had I seen workmanship quite like that of the shoes of Fugashin-Saigon who own a factory in Vietnam. The waist work, shape of lasts, Norwegian stitching and pattern design is that of the level of handgrade shoes valued at +700 and while I do not yet know their European price, I am quite sure they cost a fraction of that. It is quite frightening actually to think about. If people put down the idea that things made in Asia are of low quality and craftsmanship and realize that a good shoe can be made anywhere that leather can be shipped to and hardworking people with passion thrive, then it could be that SE Asia could be the next leader in shoemaking. I am sure many of you will laugh at that, but these pictures here are proof of their capabilities. The only question, is how many up and coming designers will go there to create their brand and be willing to fight the world on the idea that good shoes have to come from Europe. Let’s see who has the guts?

Fugashin shoes Fugashin shoes Fugashin shoes Fugashin shoes

12 thoughts on “Fugashin – The Vietnamese Takeover!”

  1. After a bit of searching they seem to be selling basic designs from about £375, nice blue patina styles for £450 up to £600+ for really fancy stuff.

  2. Thanks for the post! I’ll may check this brand when I have a chance. The Norwegian derby’s price is almost 400 usd after conversion.

  3. I don’t comment much. But these new shoe companies based in Asia have to undercut European ones to make a mark. Otherwise it’s just pretentious. I live there and everyone would rather buy Bally/Ferragamo because it’s cheaper and has a history/brand.
    Your cost of labor is nothing. But you’d rather keep the prices high than really pushing European manufacturers? This is the time when you have the internet. Price it to move and everyone will buy it online. Price it to Ferragamo and everyone will buy Ferragamo.
    Instagram filters do their job. But Bally/Ferragamo’s have been there longer than Instagram. They know their market and pricing. They have to move this product and pricing to them or more is just doing them more favors.

    1. but you say “have” to as if they couldn’t be better than them altogether and sell for more. A shoes price is down to 2 things: Materials (i.e Leather) and man hours. Leather you cannot cheat on the price, so the only difference is man hours. But if they guys make the shoes with all of the bells and whistles then they could be the same price for a benchgrade shoe but much better quality….just saying. And I don’t think that people would buy Ferragamo over this even at the same price, of course if they did not know what quality was then yes, they buy the brand, but anyone who knows quality doesn’t care where the shoes come from, they care about the make of it. Ferragamo does not make good shoes. They can, but they don’t as it is not highly profitable to make good shoes.

  4. I know this brand, from my home town. They also offer lower level shoes for $200, but those interesting are in $400 rank.
    Yes labor are cheaper in far East, but good leather is often from Europe which is more expensive to get in Asia.
    Living in Europe, Carmina, Vass, Buday, or discounted EG for RLPL are better valued for me.

  5. A little late to the thread.

    I had been following your blog for a few years, but only see this thread again as I’m in Hanoi and decide to look for some shoes, I know there must be a few as Edetal (a Singapore brand)is made in Vietnam.

    One of the 2 two store in Hanoi happens to be near to the hotel I stay, and I decided to take a look. It is a small shop but the people are really nice and friendly. They happen to be having 20% off for their in store available stock. And I just couldn’t resist walking out with a pair of their rtw oxford in tan.

    At SGD$200, the shoe are definitely a great price, and quality appears better than the Loake 1880 and Cheaney I have.

  6. the world is changing, soon you will be able to make that upper end brand and people will buy it because it is good quality. Keep the hope alive

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