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Hiking boots for A/W2016

It is quite amazing to see someone progress, especially when it is someone you know personally. I remember when first meeting Christian Kimber and becoming friends, we had these chats about starting a shoe line, possibly together even, but then he went and moved off to Australia. But everything happens for a reason and I can see now that Christian and I in reality had very different directions of shoe design in mind so we probably would not have worked out as business partners anyway. It’s the old & common too many chefs in the kitchen with different ideas on how to cook. But nonetheless, I am proud of where he has gotten and for going at it alone after quite some time of staying on the grind with a day job while building the dreams in the background.


And all of his hard work has apparently paid off as he seems to have found retail space that will soon turn into his very own shop. While being jealous that I am stuck in a basement dungeon showroom, I am far more proud to see my friend making his dreams a reality and can’t wait until I can go visit that shop and buy those grey trainers in the pictures shown below.

Well done Christian. Keep up the hard work and I look forward to us in 10 years time, running the shoe industry together, as colleagues but in our own brands!!

Screenshot_2016-04-05-13-06-52 Screenshot_2016-04-05-13-07-02

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