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Twice a year, the followers of The Shoe Snob Blog get access to an exclusive discount at Mes Chaussettes Rouges that is only found on this blog (and my social media).

As my very first supporters of the blog, as friends, and as I am an admirer of their brand, we tend to work closely together not only to help my shoe brand, J.FitzPatrick, with trunk shows in Paris but also on my end to help spread the name of their shop, their brand, their amazing selection of products and their unparalleled customer service.

It is a nice harmony and I love to see them succeed as the owners are great guys that have created a very commendable business.

They do not ever offer discounts or go on sale so this is quite a special collaboration we have. And naturally, it is time-limited. That being said, please see the details below.

The Deal: 10% off

The Code: THESHOESNOB22-10

Time-Frame: Now until May 31st (no go June 1st)



For some, 10% won’t be a lot, but it all helps, especially when you cannot get it any other time. And their product is phenomenal so getting it any cheaper is a WIN!!

Happy Shopping!

Justin FitzPatrick


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