Teal Oxfords


Norman Vilalta has recently put out a pair of teal oxfords that took my breath away when I first saw them. Not really, but you know what I mean! Now, he calls this the Emerald Patina, but all I see is dark teal. As colors can be subjective, I will let you come to your own conclusion on what to call it, but I was happy to see another shoemaker making shoes in the bluish-green spectrum.

You do not often see a teal-colored shoe/boot/loafer by your average classic dress shoe brand. It is not because it is not beautiful. Most probably because a teal shoe is going to be your ‘I have every shoe color that exists already’ purchase. And that is okay as there are plenty of guys in the world with that problem 😉  That is most likely why I decided to go for it. Outside of yellow, orange, and pink that was the only other color I did not have.


Teal Oxfords

Going back to the shoes, these are real beauties no matter what color they are. The color is so rich yet subtle and for me, they are super elegant even though you see them here beautifully paired with jeans. But just imagine how wonderful they would sit underneath a nice beige suit or even a medium grey one. Good to see a color like this hit the industry and I hope that Norman sells a lot of these as it would be great to see people in the streets with some cool shoes on and not these monstrosities we often do see.

Learn more about them: www.normanvilalta.com

Teal Oxfords

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