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If I am going to be frank with all of you, as my business expands and responsibilities become greater (and have written more posts that I can remember), it becomes increasingly difficult to not only find the time to make long, informative posts, but also to come up with content that I have yet to cover.

As we as people simply cannot do it all alone all of the time, sometimes we need a little bit of help to gain some perspective or a different point of view.

As there are many of you, all with opinions and very capable of writing and maybe wanting to get those opinions out there. I thought that I would open up the blog not only for some help (let’s be honest, I need it!), but also because I thought it would be interesting to get some different viewpoints other than my own up on The Shoe Snob Blog.

Therefore, if you have something that you have been wanting to ask, get off your chest or simply passionate about please email me and let me know what it is. And if I like it, I would be happy to post it in the hopes that it gets some fresh ideas and discussion up here.

Please email me at justin@theshoesnob.com for your entry

Wishing you all a great idea and looking forward to hearing ideas!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

3 thoughts on “Contribute a Blog Post to The Shoe Snob Blog”

  1. Joseph M. Rossini

    Question: A young man has $1,500 to spend on shoes. His work dress code is business casual, but on occasion he needs to wear a suit or dress slacks/blazers for meetings, and of course, formal evening functions. He likes to wear mostly jeans, chinos, polo shirts, t-shirts, and other casual clothing on the weekends, including shorts. He already has athletic shoes that he is satisfied with. He works in a city, but commutes from a nearby suburb, mostly by car. The climate is similar to the Portland area. He has a pretty ordinary pair of black oxfords that he is satisfied with.

    Keeping within the $1,500 budget, what shoes would you recommend he purchase, including brands and colors when possible?

    1. Joseph, this could be a lengthy answer as there are many more factors that could be used to recommend. Dark Brown oxford, pair of chelse boots, chukkas for sure….brands like Carmina, Septieme Largeur, Cobbler Union etc. can all get you nice shoes for decent prices

  2. Joseph M. Rossini

    Another idea for your blog: I think it would be great if you posted dates and locations of your upcoming trunk shows on here and to talk about what services/shoes will be available at the shows.

    Those would be simple posts that don’t take a lot of time.

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