Cleverley Tassel Loafers – Could Be Best Ever!!

Cleverley Tassel Loafers - Could Be Best Ever!!

It truly is amazing to undergo mental change and understand it as it is happening. What I mean by that is the fact that when I used to work for Nordstrom, I used to hate tassel loafers but now I love them. Then again, the selection there was limited to the Cole Haan pinch tassel, some boring Allen Edmonds tassel and maybe one of those old man Santoni’s loafers. That being, there was not much to really appreciate nor like and thinking back on it now, I realize that still hate them all.

But having come to Europe and seeing what they make here, mainly in England and France, has helped me realize just how beautiful a tassel loafer can be if done right, nailing the proportions and last shape. For example, this Cleverley tassel loafer is probably one of the nicest options that I have ever seen in my life. Everything about it is bang on, and quite possibly the color makes me like it even that much more. This is how they should be done, and to the companies out there doing them way differently than this, well…take note!

Giving it a second look, I realize that the reason that this one in particular is so nice to my eyes is due to the fact that fundamentally, it is a wholecut loafer with all of the bits added after the fact….what a beauty!!


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