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Its refreshing to see Chelsea boots in some sort of dark burgundy/merlot color. In this case Plum Museum Calf. I never understood why this color has not caught on more with the extremely popular boot style: the chelsea. For me, this color goes with everything that a brown calfskin can. And potentially even more and also look better. Yet its very rare that you see one.

Naturally I was excited to see this MTO option by Carmina Shoemaker. While not being crazy about the color of gore its nice to see that the option of a pumpkin color is there. That definitely makes picking out a chelsea boot more fun when you can spice it up with extravagent gore colors….for those bold enough.

But more pleasing was the fact that the customer chose Plum Museum Calf for his chelsea boots. I love that leather on this style. You can utilize this boot so easily and for so many looks and occasions. Especially as this customer chose a very elegantly sharp cut round last. That allows it to be dressed up more and even further versatile.

So the questions is why don’t we see more chelseas in this color? What say all of you?

Photo cred: The Shoe Enthusiast IG