Cap Shines – Uplift Your Shoes!

Cap Shines - Uplift Your Shoes!
It is amazing what a cap shine can do to your shoes. I won’t lie and say that all of my shoes have them but I always feel better about myself and my outfit when my shoes are properly polished. It really can transform the look of them, and you while we are at it. And while some people are not crazy about shiny shoes (which is okay) I guess it more is about up-keeping them more than anything. Dirty, dusty, horrid shoes just look back and make one look back. But even cheap shoes with a nice shine make a difference. This picture by PatrickMTPO of Instagram, is really one of the nicer shoe circle shots that I have seen, not only for the amazing collection he has but more so for the way in which he up-keeps them and how it shows in the picture!

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