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Enzo Bonafe button spat boots, photo courtesy of Style Forum
Enzo Bonafe button spat boots in production, photo courtesy of Style Forum

There is not much more to say about button boots than I already have. As I love them so much and hate the fact that I don’t yet own one, of course you can imagine that I have been on a quest to have them made at my factory. Only they don’t want to. Not because they are being stubborn, but apparently it is probably the most difficult and problematic shoe to make. Many times the buttons will pop off, the button holes are very difficult to make, unless you have leather workers (who can stitch on the leather — and these are not easy to come by). At first i did not really believe my factory (if I am going to be honest) so I phoned up my friends at G&G who said that it is indeed a very problematic model, which is also why they don’t really offer them on a RTW basis and why most makers don’t. That led me to realize, just how special these boots by Enzo Bonafe are, simply for the fact that they are extremely difficult to make, yet they still go through it to provide to their client base. Maybe I will just have to knock on their door and have a special run done for me! Enzo Bonafe spat boots
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4 thoughts on “Button Beauties by Enzo Bonafe”

  1. I’m curious, how snug do button shoes get, usually? I am thinking that they’d be fairly loose, since you can’t really pull it tight.

    Then again, since it seems like it’s usually custom work, maybe they can get the buttons placed as snug or loose as the wearer wants.

    1. to be honest, I cannot really comment for sure as I have never had the pleasure of wearing one…but I would assume that they would need to be quite snug

      1. I have a number of pairs of button boots/some custom made for me and they will b fit closely when buttoned but are made so that the buttons will not pull out when the foot is bent during walking. (there must be some space for give when in action)

  2. I’m attempting to cobble myself a pair of these. I have no experience cobbling, so this could get very interesting…. I made the lasts myself because I am a weird person. 😀

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