A Weekend Send Off of Shoe Greatness
Marquess Bespoke Shoemaker of Japan

We are having the first proper day of Spring/Summer here in London today, the sun is gleaming and I could not be more distracted or uninspired to work. That being, I don’t have a lot to say today unfortunately as I cannot seem to keep focus on anything for very long! I will of course leave you with some lovely things to look at however, so do enjoy those.

On another note, jfitzpatrickfootwear.com is sort of on the fritz right now, as we have been having a few issues with customers using their Paypal account to make payments. It seems to work if one first creates an account on our site first, but this is not how it should be so we are trying to see where the problem came from and thus fix it. Using a debit/credit card works just fine however. If you wish to use your Paypal account to make a purchase, please send me an email and I can issue a direct invoice.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

A Weekend Send Off of Shoe Greatness
New G&G model at Skoaktiebolaget
A Weekend Send Off of Shoe Greatness
A very cool spectator by Cobbler Union
A Weekend Send Off of Shoe Greatness
A beautiful shortwing by Laszlo Vass
A Weekend Send Off of Shoe Greatness
Altan adelaides
A Weekend Send Off of Shoe Greatness
Ed Et Al Cordovan boots courtesy of Claymoor’s List
A Weekend Send Off of Shoe Greatness
Small circle of J.FitzPatrick shoes

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