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One thing that really excites me is discovering that two colors that I would have never thought of pairing actually go really well together, as is displayed here with this dark green suede and navy baby calf. Absolutely stunning to say the least, not only the color coordination but the contrast sole, the last shape (that amazing chisel toe) and the elegant balmoral line that is nothing shy of perfect. This was a pair that was commissioned (all details being chosen by the customer – well done on him!!) to be made bespoke by Nicholas Cooper of Stamp Shoes and boy did he do a good job on this one! That chisel toe, for me, is nothing shy of perfect. It has a great balance between sharp and curvacious and is not overly elongated as you sometimes find. Beautiful and like always, I wish that I had a pair…..!

On another note, I will be taking professional pictures of all of the shoes in my upcoming collection. Once they are ready (around Jan. 14th-15th), I will put them up on the blog and allow all of you, my wonderful supporters, to pre-order them at a 20% discount as a thank you for all of your loyalty to the blog and my cause. Just wanted to give you a heads up and retail prices will be from 305-350 (but then you take 20% off of that)


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Spat Boot by Stamp”

  1. Dear Justin,

    Congratulations on launching your new line. Will the discount also be available to anon posters?

    Thanks and Happy New Year,

  2. Wow! Agreed, these are absolutely stunning. Blue and green, and the natural welt too…really works.

    But even more exciting is that they appear to be properly welted and not the glued-together hipster garbage you showed before from this maker. That’s some tidy stitching too; tell me it’s for real. 🙂

  3. Benjy – They are going to be dirt cheap for you!!!

    Anon – yes they are…

    Peter – Yes, the discount will be available for a set period of time to any whom contacts me via the blog. Happy New Year to you too!!

    Alex B – funny how you did not comment on the last post and you were not the first one on this…you are slacking my friend….but I hate to burst your bubble as I believe that this too was cemented…


  4. Justin, glad you liked my boots. Perhaps I should become a shoe designer…

    In response to some reader queries, (i) the top flap is stitched down, i.e. the buttons are not working – this makes the boot stronger (I am told) and is no great loss as I was never going to use the buttons – don’t have the patience to spend 15 minutes with a button hook every time I want to take them on or off (ii) they are cemented not welted. According to Stamp, welting offers no real advantage over modern cementing techniques – yes with old adhesives welting was clearly superior, but technology has moved on. Not being a shoemaker myself, I can’t say if that is true but so far so good.

  5. Pah..that’s fraud.

    I made this mistake ages ago buying some nice suede derbies that looked welted from some “fashion” brand….fake stitching just like this. Why?!

    Anyway, the colours are still nice. Maybe we’ll see a version of your balmoral along these lines next year. Which will, of course, be properly welted and therefore infinitely superior, as well as much cheaper. Hurrah

    P.S. I don’t have to comment on everything…I just…usually do.

    P.P.S. You will have seen after writing that, that I did get around to commenting on your previous post. I’ve just been busy. :p

  6. Enbrogue – Indeed…it’s good to treat yourself!!

    Anon – Perhaps you should my friend. You did a terrific job at this one!!

    Alex B – Don’t think that I will nick the color choices, at least not on something too similar…but maybe on something else in the distant future, when I am at the point that I can release bold things like this and be sure to sell the entire size run….

    P.S. Yes you do….

    P.P.S. I knew you would…I was just giving you a hard time like you do me!! 🙂


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