2014: The Year that Gaziano & Girling Hit the Big Time!


Big things are happening for the Gaziano & Girling duo this upcoming year. Things that you may have heard of and things that might be new to most of you. But all exciting and would make one keen on seeing the results of what they are working on. First and foremost, of which most of you have probably heard, they are upgrading their factory to a larger premises. This means that they can now grow the brand as well as better handle all of the business that they currently get. Those of you that have had late MTO’s in the past will probably be happy to hear this as a bigger factory should theoretically equal more workers and quicker output. The only thing that will be challenging is maintaining their unquestionable standard of quality. But as much as I know how much the two of them care about it, I am confident that it will remain among the highest of their priorities.

2014: The Year that Gaziano & Girling Hit the Big Time! 2014: The Year that Gaziano & Girling Hit the Big Time! 2014: The Year that Gaziano & Girling Hit the Big Time!

The second thing (and probably most exciting overall) is the fact that after nearly 8 years of being in existence as a unified brand, they are finally going to be getting their own premises here in London. It always was a bit strange that in the shoe capital of the world (1 hour away from the factory), one could not really come and buy a pair of Gaziano & Girling shoes that they could leave with. But that problem will soon be coming to an end and I think that it will mean great things for the young brand, as I am sure that their shop will be a big attraction, particularly due to the location that it will be placed in (of which I cannot say so please don’t bother asking – but you will soon all know anyway). It is always exciting to see a new shop and I am quite keen on seeing how they will decorate it. No doubt will it be a shoe heaven, one that will leave most people envious to the fact that you only really ‘need’ so many shoes, even if you ‘want’ them all!

2014: The Year that Gaziano & Girling Hit the Big Time! 2014: The Year that Gaziano & Girling Hit the Big Time!

2014: The Year that Gaziano & Girling Hit the Big Time!
with flash to see the depth of the coloring

2014: The Year that Gaziano & Girling Hit the Big Time!


The last thing that is quite cool and exciting at the same time is the fact that G&G will soon (6 months – 1 year) be offering a patina service. Now, allow me to say that this will not be straight away, as they want to do it properly and need to put systems in place to do so. But shortly after the opening of their shop will one be able to alter his G&G shoes, as you can see that I have had done on my own personal pairs shown in this post. The pair at the top used to be G&G’s vintage oak color but was quite flat looking so I had their guy spice them up a bit with a touch of burgundy injection as well as a bit of black to give it that lovely antique look. Same with my Deco Fairbanks. I like the idea of the bleached white (ish) toe, but even better is the idea of a burgundy toe on a black shoe…So as you can see, there are great things to come! And in the meanwhile, if any of you are out and about sporting your G&G shoes and just happen to be in the West End of London, pop into Chittleborough & Morgan (No. 12 basement, Savile Row) where my good friend Thomas is eagerly awaiting to provide quick and complimentary revitalization service to your G&G shoes! (And boy is he good!)


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7 thoughts on “2014: The Year that Gaziano & Girling Hit the Big Time!”

  1. The boots look much better with the burgundy toe! Can’t wait to see your bespoke G&G boots when they’re ready!
    Although their shoes are out of my price range, it’s nice to see them expand.

  2. I was fortunate to meet Mr. Girling at a recent trunk show and look over an extended range of his shoes. Very impressive indeed. Quicker turnaround times for MTOs and custom patina options are both strong positives

  3. it’s the signature English toe….I guess that is what they love!! But everything can be had on the DG70 toe with MTO

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