Work At Home In Style – Leather Slippers

Work At Home In Style - Leather Slippers

While I have been working in my shop pretty much since April of 2020 it can be sometimes hard to understand how many people are actually still working from home, since where I work it is quite lively in the streets as the shopping/restaurant district of NYC. I guess the real test is knowing how many buildings in Manhattan are filled right now? I get a real glimpse of this fact when clients tell me that they are still at home working and indicate that this is the reason they have been silent for the past 2 years. And of course, I get it. High-end, quirky dress shoes are a luxury, not always a necessity. I think that Mes Chaussettes Rouges understood this too, when they came up with their new slipper range that has various slipper styles, but also a range of ‘slipper socks,’ which are quite interesting.

Work At Home In Style - Leather Slippers

And I am pleased that they did as you do not often find elegant leather slippers these days. 20-30 years ago you had more options, but when UGG came in and overtook the industry, the classic slipper makers just disappeared as UGG’s marketing was so strong that few could compete. And while the world would appear that it is going more and more casual with sweat pants overtaking the shop’s display (think Uniqlo with casual gear making up 50%-60% of the offering now), I do strongly believe that there will be a reemergence of elegance soon coming. And beautiful slippers like this are the start of it. Because in trying times, one thing that makes of feel good is how we look, and looking good means caring about oneselves and doing that, often comes with enjoying the finer things that are built well, cut well and thus look good on the body. And these slippers above hit all of that criteria. And therefore it comes at no surprise that these are already performing super well with a bunch of sizes sold out already.

Work At Home In Style - Leather Slippers

So, if you are like me and enjoy dressing up for yourself, even if at home, then head over and pick up a pair of one of these bad boys. I am praying for a restock on the featured model as my size is already sold and I definitely want to snap a pair up for myself!

Find your pair here:

***This post is brought to you by the sponsorship of Mes Chaussettes Rouges***

Work At Home In Style - Leather Slippers Work At Home In Style - Leather Slippers Work At Home In Style - Leather Slippers Work At Home In Style - Leather Slippers Work At Home In Style - Leather Slippers Work At Home In Style - Leather Slippers

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