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Winson Shoemaker - Spiral Cut Monkstrap Boot

Another crazy busy day has left me with little time to write the longer post that I had planned but that will come soon.

Instead, I leave you with this mind-boggling spiral-cut monkstrap boot by Winson Shoemaker. And in case you do not know what a spiral cut is, it is when you cut the leather one strip in a spiral fashion to make a pair of shoes, or in this case boots, with. So, while you look at this boot and think oh, a ‘monkstrap boot,’ the reality is that you should be saying, ‘wow, a one-piece of leather spiral boot!.’ Once you start to wrap your head around it (no pun intended) you will realize how impressive this boot actually is. And Winson keeps knocking it out of the park with these shoes getting better and better and better. I am very impressed with his journey and it shows as he stays quiet and continuously improves his shoemaking and shoe design. He will be a force to be reckoned with once he is able to expand his brand.

In the meanwhile, check out his IG account where you can find most of his greatness and if you want to contact him, best to do it there via DM.

Learn more:

Winson Shoemaker - Spiral Cut Monkstrap Boot Winson Shoemaker - Spiral Cut Monkstrap Boot

2 thoughts on “Winson Shoemaker – Spiral Cut Monkstrap Boot”

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      In this day and age, everything is available in the US, via international shipment. But no, this shoemaker is in Indonesia.

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