What Is A Shoe Review?


Here is a little rant against the bad information of the industry, whereby people spew their opinions as facts in the hopes to build a following of ill-informed consumers that have their back when they want to complain about $200 shoes. The issue is that these things do not help the industry, not anyone for that matter. So, here I dissect what a review can be, in all its various forms and ideas.

The moral of the story: There is no one review. There are many. And each has its own important information that the reader/watcher might hold as valuable.

***Please note, when I said that I do not follow anyone, I realized that came across as arrogant. I do follow other people/brands, but I do not watch other ‘shoe review videos’ or read other reviews as I simply do not have time for that. I said this to convey that I am speaking on behalf of myself and not for others as I do not know what they say in their ‘reviews’***

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