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Today’s Favorites – Septieme Largeur Chelsea Boots

While I had originally wanted to wait until Friday to share these with all of you, I simply could not wait, as I am such a fan of them and sure that many of you will be too. They are hands-down the most beautiful chelsea boots that I have ever seen, no question! What’s funny is that I have only now see this done, in this fashion. Weird too, because for something so simple, you would have thought that somebody else would have thought to create this. Which I am sure, that if you go back in time, they probably had done, but it’s not something that I have seen any time recently. Nevertheless, these boots by Septieme Largeur, are the epitome of what I mean when I say ‘classic with a twist.’ They are such an elegant and simple boot, aka very classic. But they offer something that most chelsea boots don’t: two-toned, multiple fabrics and a shorter gore area. The shorter gore area allows the boot to be more dressy, as the trousers will most likely not extend upwards enough to show the gore when someone is walking. I love them and cannot wait until I get a pair. The only question will be which color should I get?

3 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Septieme Largeur Chelsea Boots”

  1. I am a great admirer of your blog, I like shoes and I think one’s shoes are part of one’s personality. You can tell a lot about some one by just looking at his/her shoes.

    Thanks for having such a wonderful blog all dedicated to shoes.

  2. Paisely curtain – thanks for the kind words. i agree that such is to be said about a person based not only on what he is wearing but also the state of his shoes. glad that you enjoy the blog!

    Benjy – indeed my friend, indeed!

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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