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There is a sleeping giant in the shoe industry that not many people realize yet is soon going to be a major player, and that giant is Spain. For many years, Spain has been a producer of high quality shoes coming from several factories such as Carmina (which is shown here) and Magnanni, not to mention others that are less known. But only until recently, I believe, have people started to catch on, as the moniker “Made In Italy” starts to slowly fade. As I have said before, a good shoe can be made anywhere. Sure, that country has to have the right ingredients, such as the proper machinery, but mainly there just has to be passion, patience and attention to detail. And Carmina, has done an amazing job of doing just that, as you can very well see in these pictures. These chukka, just might be among the coolest boots that I have ever seen. Not only do they have a crepe sole, that is amazing for walking, but with that, they have managed to maintain their dressiness and shape. And to top it all off, what a great color for suede: olive green! I continue to be amazed with where the shoe industry is going (in terms of styling), and for me it brings great pleasure to see shoes like this, that are classic, but have that little bit of edge…

Pictures Courtesy Of: Rugged Old Salt
Shoes: All MTO, available through The Armoury

3 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Carmina”

  1. Nice to see you mention Magnanni. Some of the deals that can be found on them are absolute steals. Absolutely comfortable.

  2. Erik – Thank you! You are right, that model is indeed a very lovely pair!! Wait until you see the one’s that I have been shining these days, simply phenomenal!!

    Ryan – Yes, well they can make a very good shoe and credit should be given where it is due…


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