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The Green Sock - Takes You a Long Way

All photos courtesy of Mes Chaussettes Rouges

The 3 socks I predominantly wear are black, navy and green. Most might find that strange. The obvious 3rd choice for 90% of men is probably grey. But truth be told, I think that the green sock actually complements more outfits (without being ostentatious) almost as much as navy does. When it comes to leather colors found on shoes that are the stardard form of dress, there are actually very few that one shade of green cannot complement.

The Green Sock - Takes You a Long Way

The Green Sock - Takes You a Long Way

As you can see in this post, the various shades of green socks are suitable to many colors and textures of shoe. My personal favorite shades of green are two: a very dark forest like green, preferably in wool and a strong emerald green, preferably in cotton. Exactly like the two above.Even Simon Crompton, of Permanent Style, wrote about the versatility and lack of recognition the green sock gets. And its true. For bold, you see a lot of red out there. For safe you see navy, but where are the Green’s?

The Green Sock - Takes You a Long Way

The Green Sock - Takes You a Long Way

The Green Sock - Takes You a Long Way

I think like most things men fear, change of the norm prevents more men from dipping into the Green side things when it comes to socks. But green is not such a bold color to be honest. It has many shades that are quite soft, like a dark olive pictured directly above. These subtle additions to the wardrobe make a great impact on one’s sartorial sense and the Green sock is up there with Burgundy shoes (i.e. something that takes you next level from the obvious safe choices). Go ahead and grab a few Green socks. You wont be disappointed.

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  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

    My favourite dress socks tend to be brown/blue striped ones…but I have some green socks, especially those in forest green that I really, really, like for casual wear. They are definitely… different. Nice article, btw…

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