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When it comes to alligator or crocodile, in virtually any color you want, Ascot shoes is brand you should be looking at. Especially if you want a braided apron shoe/loafer and/or wholecut oxford, as you can see is heavily promoted as of late on their IG account and thus in this blog post. But they are not exclusive to those models so don’t fear that something else is not achievable. With Ascot shoes, where there is a will, there is a way.

Ascot shoes have been around a very long time. Starting off as an eBay reseller of high-end Italian/Hungarian shoes, to branching off from the Italian stuff and focusing on selling Vass shoes as the sole online distributor to now launching their own brand and range of footwear, it would appear that they have finally realized their niche calling: colorful exotic leather goods. Whether that is shoes, bags, leather skins or watches, the owner Karl, is the king at finding the skins and somehow making what you want.

I have been quite intrigued with their playful two-tone offerings that they have been marketing. As someone who would find it hard to wear a wholecut in exotic leather I love the idea of accent pieces in it. And the vamp is a great accent choice, that is noticeable but not overpowering.

The brown suede with nubuck alligator laofers are my favorite of the bunch. Nubuck alligator shoes are on my bucket list for sure. One day I will get a pair and if I am crazy enough, matching with a matching jacket. Until then, I will simply envision it while worling hard to make it a reality.

Be sure to check out Ascot Shoes.

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