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Technical Difficulties with New Site

Well, you really learn to appreciate the complexities of the web when you start to have website issues and you get the see behind the curtain of your server/google and all of the SMTP/HTTP/DNS etc acronyms that are never-ending and confusing. And the last week has made me want to pull out my hair wondering what is going on, as changing from one theme to the next has really created a lot of behind the scene issues that have taken so much time yet feel as if there is no resolve.

One issue that I know some of you faced, was receiving old newsletters, and a lot of them. Still not sure how that happened? Thought the site might have been hacked but a malware run came back negative. It feels as if when the new theme was added, it somehow prompted the sending of a bunch of old posts, which was odd. But it was even odder as some people got it and some did not, which makes no sense at all. I have reached out to the developers of the plugin to see if they have any answers. Let’s see.

On top of that, the site has crashed a few times due to various technical issues with protocols in the background. A whole lot of server stuff which for me is like trying to read in Sanscript. A complete foreign language and concept, blowing my mind issue by issue. Nevertheless, I am here trying to figure it all out as best as I can since I no longer have a dedicated web-guy assisting me like I once did.

So, if you do come across my site as being down or get some random email, please be patient with this process and forgive the hiccups you might encounter. I am working as quick as I can to get it all back to normal, and even better!

And if any of you reading are a WordPress developer or know someone that is, please do reach out!

Wishing everyone a great weekend

Justin FitzPatrick

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