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Lately, I feel like I have been putting a lot of crazy colored shoes from French and Japanese makers on my blog and representing just a certain sect of the shoe industry. When, in fact, I am a lover of all shoes and happen to really like simple, elegant pieces such as these two pairs from To Boot New York. What I particularly like about them are the rich cognac color that they come in, which in my opinion is damn near perfect for the ultimate jean compliment. In the perfect world (where my feet are not jacked up), I would wear leather soled shoes like these with my jeans, everyday. But unfortunately, my feet need a break every now and then, and I have to throw on some Nike’s or Vans or whatever that has soft squishy soles, just to give my feet a little EVA/soft rubber cushioning (sometimes my self-pity ramble’s on and on unconsciously, sorry).

But yes, these two pairs are great and I would love to own either one. In reality, they are two styles, that any shoe guy should have in the closet. They don’t have to be in this color but a simple loafer as well as a nice chelsea boot are two things that deserve to be occupying shelf space in your house! If you are in the market currently and indecisive about a model, I would give my recommendations for either one of these! I believe that they are both currently found at Nordstrom.

3 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week”

  1. ahh yes To Boot New York. They have some awesome styles and colors in their shoes. One thing I do worry about is if they are quality made shoes. Have you had any experience with them?

  2. Joker – Yea, I own about 4 pairs and I sold a ton of them while working in the retail shoe industry. They did not get returned a whole lot for poor quality issues and mine have all held up great. But then again, considering I have about 100 pairs of shoes, the rotation time on them is quite long. But all in all, they stand up shoes for what they are.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  3. I purchased a pair of To Boot from Neiman Marcus a few years back. I wore mine to work and nearly wore them out, just the soles. The leather held up well. I am considering having them re-soled as they were really great shoes.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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