Shoes Of The Week – Gaziano & Girling Kent

Shoes Of The Week - Gaziano & Girling Kent

The galosh (or balmoral or whatever you want to call it) style of shoe, that has a separation from the top piece (facing extended to heel) and bottom piece (vamp extending to heel) is one of my favorite models simply for the fact that it’s options in leather or material pairings are endless. When creating a pair of shoes that you will release to the public, you have to make sure that you do something that is going to appeal to the majority and not be something that only you or a handful of people would like (which is very difficult to do). So when I saw these Kent model make ups, by Gaziano & Girling, with the top piece being alligator, I was taken aback by how well the combination went together. The patina of the alligator is probably what captures me most, as it truly gives the shoe a feel of antiquity. Now this might be one of those things that is only liked by a few people, as I personally believe that it takes one of extreme self confidence to pull these off. But at the same time, they are not ostentatious and because the alligator is so small and is on the upper part of the shoe, I do believe that this shoe could easily fit into someone’s work wardrobe, as well as their casual one…..

In case any of you were wondering, Budapest is beautiful and I will have a nice write up of my trip to Laszlo Vass’ store on Monday. Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekends

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Pictures Courtesy Of: Leffot

Shoes Of The Week - Gaziano & Girling Kent

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