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I have made the final markdowns for the collection of shoes that I am selling, ranging from my own brand, J.FitzPatrick Footwear, to more exclusive ones like Edward Green, Winson Shoemaker, Carlos Santos, Meermin, Altan Bottier and many more.

There are some incredible prices for shoes that are brand new and/or worn once for photography and in extreme cases under 10 times.

The sizing ranges from UK6.5 to UK7.5 (US7.5 to US8.5) so make sure you read carefully the descriptions to see if anything catches your eye and just might be your size.

The pricing starts at $100 and goes up. The Edward Green’s are 50% off retail price, as are many more. A great time to get great shoes at great prices!

Click the link to grab your pair or pairs 🙂

For any questions, please contact me at


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