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Shoe Snob Shoe Accessories


Dear Readers,

As a person whom truly cares about his shoes as well as the state of others’ shoes, I have decided to find the best products in terms of quality or bang for your buck, in order to share with all of you the simply necessities one needs to maintain his/her leather footwear. Therefore, I offer you The Shoe Snob accessory range, consisting of shoe polish, mink oil conditioner, shoe laces, two different types of brushes as well as two different types of shoe trees. And soon enough, I will aspire to get some colorful socks up too!

All products are available via The Shoe Snob?FOUND HERE.

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For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at:

THE SHOE SNOB – Bee’s wax (with turpentine) based Shoe Polish?

— At 100 ml (twice the size of a normal polish tin), you will find that this polish will last you quite a long time. To put things into perspective, I shine (predominately) black shoes all day long and it takes me about 3 months to go through one of my black tins, and I use a lot.
— They are bee’s wax based so that means that they will dry up if you leave the lid off for too long.
— Bee’s wax based polishes are the best for high shines, but will also dry up the leather if not used in conjunction with the renovator below. This means that you cannot simply apply new wax on top of old wax. You must first cleanse the shoe with the renovator, to allow the leather to condition itself.
— Colors currently offered: Black, Neutral, Tan, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Burgundy and Navy.

(As written about by legendary Nick Foulkes on the Financial Times ‘How To Spend It’ -?Here)




Coloured Cream Polish

The colour in your leather is an added feature applied by the tannery that made it. This means that in reality it is not permanent and can fade away over time due to sun exposure, lack of treatment, excessive use of shoes etc.?In order to maintain the leathers’ pigment,?you will need?to use?a concentrated cream polish that helps to rejuvenate and therefore?maintain its?colour.?The Shoe Snob?Coloured?Cream?Polish will do just that, as its highly pigmented and cream based nature allows for a deep impregnation into the pores of the leather,?not only to give colour back, but also to nourish it.?Doing so with the welt brush, after applying the mink oil renovator and before the beeswax polish, this critical step will ensure that the colour of your leather will maintain its radiance.

cream_polish_black?cream_polish_darkbrown cream_polish_lightbrown cream_polish_neutral cream_polish_mohogany cream_polish_midbrown cream_polish_merlot



THE SHOE SNOB – Mink Oil Renovator (100 ml)

— A cream conditioner that is used to maintain youthfulness in the leather much like a moisturizer on your own skin
— To use in conjunction with the shoe polish (applied before) or simply on it’s own as a rejuvenation to dry leather.
— Good for masking scuffs and scratches.
— Neutral in color which allows it to be applied to all colors of shoes.
— High in concentrate, which means do not apply a lot to one area. A little goes a long way and spread it evenly. Allow to dry at least 10 minutes before applying polish afterwards.
— Used for the same purpose as a saddle soap, but gets much better results.



Flat, Waxed Dress Shoe Laces – 75 cm?

Flat waxed laces seem pretty hard to come by, particularly in color options that venture outside of black?and brown. That being, when I came across a place that actually sold them, I figured that I would acquire a few in order to start selling them to all of you whom might find them difficult to find. The nice thing about these laces, apart from them looking lovely in a pair of dress shoes, is that when they become a bit old (and therefore no longer as flat as you would like), you can steam iron them to become flat again and thus like new!



Ribbon Laces – 80 cm

The Shoe Snob Ribbon Lace is a perfect added detail for formal attire. Affix a pair to your highly polished shoes to set yourself apart form the crowd. While the black version would be the ideal candidate, don’t be afraid to spruce it up a bit with either the navy or red options. You would be surprised just how well they can also compliment highly polished black shoes!



Beechwood Shoe Trees

A good shoe?tree is probably the single most important thing?that one needs?in order?to preserve the life of?their shoes. But that being, if you own them, it is necessary to use them?at all times when you are not wearing your shoes, in order?to prosper from their benefits.

The Shoe Snob shoe trees of made of beechwood, a wood much like?cedar that absorbs the moisture that we constantly subject to?our shoes. This moisture, if not treated properly will deteriorate and?disfigure?the leather of your shoes. Using shoe trees is the only way to counteract this from?happening. It’s?a small price to pay for a long term gain, particularly if your?shoes are upwards of +?200.

As a recommendation, if you fall between?whole sizes,?I would size upwards for?The Shoe?Snob shoe trees. For example, if you are UK8.5, then I would go for shoe trees size 43 (UK9).



The Travel Man’s Plastic Shoe Tree?

We all know that weight restrictions on flights these days is a bit annoying and ridiculous, but as we all don’t sit on the board of directors of the airline industry there is nothing that we can really do about it. That being, if you happen to be a gentleman who travels frequently, particularly on business, you have probably come across the conundrum of whether to pack your shoe trees or not. As every kg matters significantly, you probably decided not to, allowing for your spare pair of shoes to get squashed inside your luggage. Well, I thought of this terrifying sight and decided to do something about it by offering plastic shoe tree that probably weighs about 20 grams and allows for you to knock out two birds with one stone by protecting your shoes with trees without adding any significant weight!

As The Shoe Snob, I am here to solve your shoe problems, so you can thank me later?😉

The sizing is in two sizes per tree. For example, 43-44. If you are a 44, you will want to get the 43-44 size, stick the shoe tree in (as the small size) and then use the size adjuster to make it bigger. Always put in and take out the shoe tree in the smaller size of the two that it comes in.




The Shoe Snob 6″ Shine Brush

A good horsehair shine brush is essential for any man’s shoe wardrobe. Whether you use it for brushing off dirt each night, buffing up a new or old shines, or strictly for cleaning, it’s an essential part of the maintenance process. Made from 100% horsehair, The Shoe Snob shine brush is the perfect utensil for maintaining a nice sheen on your polished shoes.



The Shoe Snob Welt / Applicator Brush

The welt brush is one of the most handy tools in shoe polishing. Without it, it would prove difficult to clean not only the welt and stitching on the welt, but also the sides of the soles and heels, parts that are often overlooked on a shoe but speak wonders about the elegance of the shoe. A dirty, unkempt welt/side of the sole is one of the most awful sites to see on a nice dress shoe, so it is important to have one of these nifty brushes in order to get into those hard to reach places. Use The Shoe Snob welt/applicator brush to apply the polish all around the shoe and sole, and then The Shoe Snob 6″ shine brush to buff it up, for your on-the-go shine!

Made of 100% horsehair.



As most of you know, I am always here to help so if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email.


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

20 thoughts on “Shoe Snob Shoe Accessories”

  1. Foulkes could use this to cover his bizarrely colored hair. When he was at the Standard he was a ginger minger! Not stylish as tries too too hard.

  2. Just received the polish’s and renovator I ordered.
    I haven’t used them yet, do can’t comment on how well they work, but my gosh they smell good!!!!

  3. Hi Justin

    Just wanted to say I used the renovator and brown polish for the first time last night.
    They are amazing!!
    First thing you notice is the beautiful aromas that fill the air.
    Next is the way it goes on. Wonderfully smoothly and you can sense it being absorbed by the leather, unlike some I have used which obviously just sit on top.
    I have not been able to get close to a parade shine previously, but it was made much reachable with these wonderful products.
    If your shoe collection is anywhere near as good quality as your shoe shine products, they are going to be amazing.
    Many thanks
    A. Very happy customer!!

  4. Justin FitzPatrick

    OwenB – Glad that you are enjoying the product!! Thanks for the good review! I hope that my shoe collection will be that good, but that will be very subjective as you may know. I am trying my hardest to create something that everyone will like.


  5. I hope you could get some good quality shoe brushes on sale too. I would be very interested of those since I like your other products.

  6. Justin FitzPatrick

    Pete – In the future I will, but I need to find the right one, with the right quality and the right price….not easy to do.


  7. Is the Mink Oil Renovator currently available? It doesn’t seem to appear on the eBay store.

    I was going to get someone to drop in to G&H next week to pick up a jar, along with some Bees’ wax.

  8. Justin FitzPatrick

    jrb666 – unfortunately I have been having some problems with my factory and their ability to produce new shipments in a timely manner, and now that they are on a one month holiday, I will be out until at least Sept. I am sorry or the inconvenience of this….I don’t even have a spare for my table…



  9. Hi Justin, quick question, in your how to polish you shoes properly you mention using a cream polish before the wax polish. The Shoe Snob line doesn’t have a cream polish, any recommendations (if possible something easily obtainable in Canada/North America)for a cream polish?

  10. Justin FitzPatrick

    For the meanwhile, I use Kiwi, as it does the trick and is readily available, but I will be actually introducing my own creams within a month or less….

  11. I’ve recently found a new passion for shoes and shining them. I don’t know why but I really enjoy shining shoes. It’s very calming and relaxing. I stumbled upon your website when researching on proper care for my shoes. You have put together a fascinating website/blog and I enjoyed reading it a lot. I especially liked the section on how to become a shoe designer.

  12. Hello…What are you recommending for cleaning/polishing up old buck whites? Are ‘bunny bags’ still available? Or how about old fashioned white liquid baby shoe polish?

  13. Justin FitzPatrick

    sorry but I haven’t the slightest clue for cleaning white bucks…that is beyond my expertise….the only thing that I can think of that might do the trick is the finest sandpaper that you can find….

  14. Hi Justin,
    Could you elaborate or direct me to a post on your blog about the new Colour Cream Polish on offer at your ebay store?

  15. Justin FitzPatrick

    the cream polish is for color rejuvenation, as written about in my “polish your shoes properly” post. Only then I did not have my own so I was using kiwi…you can also read what I have now put up on my eBay store as the description for the cream polish…but basically it is used to maintain the pigment in your leather as well as clean up the sides of the soles etc….

  16. Hi Justin,

    I have a Crockett & Jones Connaught, size 7.5. The last is 236. Do you think your shoe trees would provide a good fit and confirm that the size 8 is the appropriate one for that last? Thanks

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