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Shoe Of The DayWhen it comes to shoes made from crocodile, I feel like people either love them or hate them but when it comes to this particular pair here, even if you hate them, you have to appreciate the idea of them and the craftsmanship. From what I gathered on the website, these were a custom made shoe for the company, Harley Davidson, by Anthony Delos, who is a French shoemaker. If you look at the close-up picture, the way in which they were able to color it black, in the lines between each scale of orange colored crocodile, is just simply amazing! The vividness of the color is what attracts me to this shoe and while I am on the fence on crocodile shoes as a genre (sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them) I have to say that this one right here is something that I would love to own just for the beauty of the work itself.

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  1. Tobey Maguire could have saved hours of CG prep and worn these instead. Love the horseshoe detail, and would you look at that waist! Its beauty is in its balance in design and structure IMHO, especially for such complex color, material, and customer.

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